SUPER Easy Custom Slime Recipe

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Shopping for Slime Supplies!

First off..a shopping trip to grab supplies for custom DIY slime is a must! It’s a fun part of the process, and it’s so fun to get out of the house anyway! Luke and Kyle LOVED picking out the pumpkins! They worked together as a team to load them into the cart and push them around the store. It’s so fun to step back, and see how they interact as independent human beings.

Then for the carving! We emptied out the pumpkin guts, so we could use them for slime ingredients, and so that we could carve the pumpkin. Carl helped the boys with their designs, and I think they turned out so cute! I loved that Kyle made his with teeth! This is such a funny pumpkin, and when they add the final element (pumpkin barf slime)…it’s looks even better!

Here are the final designs! The pumpkins turned out so cute, and I can hardly get enough! The Jack Skellington design is ADORABLE with those big eyes, and the jagged teeth! We can’t forget about the barfing pumpkin! This little guy is so creative, and when you add the slime effect, it’s amazing….here I’ll show you!

BUT FIRST…The Recipe

The World’s Easiest Slime Recipe

8oz Elmer’s Glue
1 TBS Baking Soda
*Add custom ingredients (shaving cream, glitter, food coloring) and mix
-then add-
1/2 TBS Contact Solution
Mix it all together!

We obviously used A LOT more ingredients for our giant slime recipe, but that’s not really necessary for you to enjoy an awesome batch of slime.



Kyle and his brother, Luke made a fun video about their experience! You can see that here…

We had the best time making this slime, carving pumpkins, and celebrating the wonderful changing season! This time of year is full of love, fun activities, and intentional family time! It’s the greatest time of the year!


❤️ Jinger

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