Nintendo Headquarters Tour & Surprises! 

We are so excited to share our tour of Nintendo headquarters! Be sure and check it out on our Carl and Jinger Family YouTube channel! We got to meet Super Mario, shop in the Nintendo store, and play a lot of really cool games! The brand new Super Mario Odyssey game for the Nintendo Switch is amazing, and so fun! We love to play the Nintendo Switch as a family, and highly recommend it for Christmas this year!


Be sure to check out the video here!

CocaCola & Mentos VS Bunch O Balloons!

Are you looking for your next fun family activity? Look no further! This is a great one for the entire family!

CocaCola + Mentos Candy + Bunch O Balloons = CRAZY FAMILY FUN!

*Fun Fact! Carl was the first person online (that we know of) that figured out that BunchOBalloons will screw on a 2 liter soda bottle!

The bunch o balloons on top of the soda bottle is a trick that Carl came up with earlier this year that made a huge WAVE online! The CocaCola and Mentos experiment is not new, but it’s ALWAYS fun! You can get Bunch O Balloons and Mentos on Amazon for the best price! When we do these types of experiments we like to make sure to get the best price possible. Plus, I love having everything shipped to my house. If the Diet Coke wasn’t so heavy, I’d probably have that shipped as well.

Mentos Mint Candy, 0.57 lb
Zuru Bunch O Balloons – Instant Water Balloons – Color May Vary (3 bunches – 100 Total Water Balloons)

This is a little sneak peak behind this scenes of making the video! We love to get a lot of photos, so we have options for thumbnails, and to capture our family’s memories. It is funny to capture the “glamorous” behind the scenes angles that you might miss just watching the video. We love what we do because we get to spend our time making Coke and Mentos explosions with our 3 boys, who wouldn’t love that? We have actually done this experiment a few different ways, but oddly enough it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes the chemical reaction between the soda and the mentos is unpredictable, and doesn’t do as well…like when we tried to put the Soda and Mentos in a Wubble Bubble….that did not work!

They look so awesome all standing there ready to go! Little did we know…we were getting ourselves into a HUGE mess! I mean, we knew how it was going to go, but it got a little out of control with 3 boys throwing the balloons everywhere! Every time Carl turned his back he was getting pegged by a balloon, hurling from the hand of a little boy. The deep tummy laughs that come from this experient will for sure put a smile on your face!


coca cola, mentos, experiment, kids fun

This took about 30 minutes to clean up, but it was so worth it! The boys had a great time, and we had so much fun watching them laugh, push each other in the pool (which they do daily, and still think it’s funny), and spend time together. This experiment can be dangerous, so be smart and keep little kids away from the explosions! We highly recommend trying this with your family, and if you do…we’d love to see photos! You can tag us on Instagram: carl_and_jinger or Facebook: @carlandjinger

We would love to see what other family activities you are doing! We love to get great ideas from our friends online, like you, so feel free to reach out! If you want to buy Mentos or Bunch o Balloons I’ll leave a link to amazon right here! This face is the reason why we love making every day awesome! Life isn’t always perfect, and most days if feels far from it, but we make the most of it by being kind, and having fun together!


swimming pool, coke and mentos, family fun,


You can see the full video HERE on the Carl and Jinger Family YouTube Channel!


❤️ Jinger


SUPER Easy Custom Slime Recipe

Slime recipe, easy slime, fun slime, recipe, how to make slime, easiest slime

Shopping for Slime Supplies!

First off..a shopping trip to grab supplies for custom DIY slime is a must! It’s a fun part of the process, and it’s so fun to get out of the house anyway! Luke and Kyle LOVED picking out the pumpkins! They worked together as a team to load them into the cart and push them around the store. It’s so fun to step back, and see how they interact as independent human beings.

Then for the carving! We emptied out the pumpkin guts, so we could use them for slime ingredients, and so that we could carve the pumpkin. Carl helped the boys with their designs, and I think they turned out so cute! I loved that Kyle made his with teeth! This is such a funny pumpkin, and when they add the final element (pumpkin barf slime)…it’s looks even better!

Here are the final designs! The pumpkins turned out so cute, and I can hardly get enough! The Jack Skellington design is ADORABLE with those big eyes, and the jagged teeth! We can’t forget about the barfing pumpkin! This little guy is so creative, and when you add the slime effect, it’s amazing….here I’ll show you!

BUT FIRST…The Recipe

The World’s Easiest Slime Recipe

8oz Elmer’s Glue
1 TBS Baking Soda
*Add custom ingredients (shaving cream, glitter, food coloring) and mix
-then add-
1/2 TBS Contact Solution
Mix it all together!

We obviously used A LOT more ingredients for our giant slime recipe, but that’s not really necessary for you to enjoy an awesome batch of slime.



Kyle and his brother, Luke made a fun video about their experience! You can see that here…

We had the best time making this slime, carving pumpkins, and celebrating the wonderful changing season! This time of year is full of love, fun activities, and intentional family time! It’s the greatest time of the year!


❤️ Jinger

VOTE VOTE VOTE! For The Next Carl & Jinger Giveaway!

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We love to do giveaways! Doing giveaways is a great way for us to give back to all of you! We deeply love and appreciate you guys, for watching our videos, and for being there everyday to brighten our life! You guys make our day awesome, and we want show our gratitude by giving away something nice! We frequently like to do this, and we want to have you help us decide the best item for the next giveaway! Thanks for voting!!

EATING WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER CHIPS CHALLENGE!! Flamin Hot Cheetos Doritos Ghost Pepper Challenges!

WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER Flaming Hot Cheetos + Flamin Hot Onion Rings + Nitros Takis = Suicide!!

Would you dare try the gauntlet of flaming hot cheetos and chips with the Worlds Hottest peppers all at once?! If you’re not, don’t worry there is a family that is crazy enough to do this so you don’t have to!

Carl and Jinger Family with their teen boys attempt to eat some of the hottest tortilla chips with ghost pepper chips! There’s also Takis, Hot Cheetos, Doritos, and ghost pepper hot chips!! These chips are so hot they can burn your mouth if you’re not careful but Carl and Gage aren’t going to let this stop them!

World's Hottest Pepper Chip Challenge

Learn Sizes with Surprise Eggs! Opening Kinder Surprise Egg & HUGE Mystery Chocolate Fountain

Learn Sizes with Surprise Eggs! Opening Kinder Surprise Egg & HUGE JUMBO Mystery Chocolate Fountain

DIY YUMMY Black Ice Cream vs Rainbow Ice Cream Taste Test! Charcoal Waffle Cone Ice Cream Rolls

DIY YUMMY Black Ice Cream vs Rainbow Ice Cream Taste Test! Charcoal Waffle Cone Ice Cream Rolls

Fun Soda Rocket Game

Check out these fun games to play with a soda rocket! The entire family will love these epic soda rockets! They are easy to use, and make a great summer activity! Soda isn’t great for children’s health, but they love it, so instead of fighting them on it, make a game out of it! Our boys play with them a lot, and sometimes they’ll just use water, milk, soda, or even juice!

GET A SODA ROCKET HERE!                                                                                               

If the idea of sticky soda on the sidewalk or patio bothers you, I would recommend using a different kind of liquid. My favorite is water! Add a few drops of food coloring and it is just as magical! 

You’ll need a bike pump to operate the water rocket, but it’s loads of fun! This would be a great game for a family reunion if you had a group of people who are ready for a really fun time. You can make games out of it too! 

Other fun soda games: 
DIY Soda Slime with Real SODA!



 Games are a way to connect with you kids, family, and friends. We love to create fun games that everyone loves to watch AND play! We try to create games that can be played by anyone who sees them, and people of all ages can enjoy them! 

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