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Carl Games Video Game Live Stream on YouTube

Carl Games video game live stream is now on YouTube! Carl and Jinger are launching into the video game world with YouTube live streams including Carl and Jinger with their three boys Gage, Luke, and Kyle. Carl also games with gamers Brinndrop, NuclearHug, and Spideyd – his friends and family. In the future there will also be gaming collaborations with other YouTubers who live stream video games. Carl Games is always kid friendly with no bad language. Everything is safe for children to enjoy. During the live streaming Carl Games plays the popular games on the market as well as new releases, indie games, and classics. Minecraft is a popular video game. Carl and Brinndrop have created an open rPublic Serve that Minecraft fans can join and actually play alongside Carl, Gage, and Brinndrop as they explore and build on an Epic Mountains World Seed.

Carl is not a competitive gamer, but enjoys to play a variety of genres from FPS first person shooters, fantasy, role playing, action, adventure, and more. A few current popular game is Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, Overwatch, Minecraft, and many others. Subscribe to Carl on YouTube and follow CarlVlogs on Twitter to be notified about each Live Stream and receive updates. Also, Carl Games will be doing several gaming related giveaways in the near future once the success of the channel takes off!

Carl Gamespublic server ip

Mentos and Coke Challenge

Mentos and Coke Challenge! For family game night challenge Carl and Jinger family do the Mentos and Diet Coke eruption challenge! A classic YouTube challenge that we had to try! Drop Mentos into Diet Soda and it erupts into an explosion fountain of Coca Cola! Diet Coke vs Mentos is a challenge that has been around for several years and you have to try it for your family game night fun! This is a funny challenge for kids and children. Let them participate in the candy challenge soda challenge by dropping in the Mentos and BOOM! What a fun mess!

We learned the hard way not to leave the entire bowl of Mentos on the table because the Coke exploded and launched into the air and soaked all the candy! We decided to live broadcast our family on YouNow while we set up the Mentos and Coke challenge with three separate cameras. We had to be careful not to accidentally soak all of our cameras and our laptop. After we got everything set up we also noticed there were power lines above our heads! So we moved everything across the yard and set everything up again! It’s a good thing we did because the Mentos and Coke shot higher than the power lines were! Safety first!

The Carl and Jinger family highly recommend trying out the Mentos and Coke candy challenge and soda challenge to everyone for a fun family game night!

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durian fruit

The Durian Fruit Challenge

The Durian Fruit¬†CHALLENGE! The Durian Fruit¬†is common in Asia, but it’s unique smell and flavor has us baffled! The best way we could describe the smell is a mixture of over-ripe bananas, a hint of pineapple, and natural gas! The natural gas smell is actually quite strong, and in most major cities it is illegal to eat this fruit in public places because of the awful smell.

Ironically this smelly fruit is is considered the “king of fruits” in Southeast Asia, but in Idaho it hasn’t earned the title! The husk of the durian fruit boasts elaborate spikes, and a strong stem that holds the fruit on the tree. I have read online that the best time to eat a durian fruit is just after it falls from the tree. Just make sure you aren’t standing under it…it’s been known to kill people! Enjoy our experience as we try the durian fruit for the very first time! We are pretty sure the fruit we tried was over-ripe, so we might have to revisit this challenge in the future!

Doing the taste test challenges are one of our favorite things to do on our YouTube channel! It’s always such a fun experience to try new foods, and to experience things from all over the world.

Durian Fruit is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, so enjoy our pain as we attempt the DURIAN FRUIT CHALLENGE!


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7tCTnzq6Yc[/embedyt]

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