EATING WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER CHIPS CHALLENGE!! Flamin Hot Cheetos Doritos Ghost Pepper Challenges!

WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER Flaming Hot Cheetos + Flamin Hot Onion Rings + Nitros Takis = Suicide!!

Would you dare try the gauntlet of flaming hot cheetos and chips with the Worlds Hottest peppers all at once?! If you’re not, don’t worry there is a family that is crazy enough to do this so you don’t have to!

Carl and Jinger Family with their teen boys attempt to eat some of the hottest tortilla chips with ghost pepper chips! There’s also Takis, Hot Cheetos, Doritos, and ghost pepper hot chips!! These chips are so hot they can burn your mouth if you’re not careful but Carl and Gage aren’t going to let this stop them!

World's Hottest Pepper Chip Challenge

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